At Lumight our Quality standards are number one. Many companies say it. Same companies try it. Lumight lives it. For us Quality goes far beyond the quality of the actual product, we also believe in the quality of our customers buying experience and the quality of their customer care experience. Yes, Lumight lives quality.




Our quality standards start long before the product is made. It starts with our highly experienced designers and engineers. Their prime directive is to always design and engineer high quality from the ground up. Then this standard is passed on to our purchasing and incoming inspection or raw components. According to our exacting ISO 9001 Standard Operation Procedures, all incoming components are tested to exacting Mil Standards to ensure they meet criteria.

Our manufacturing standard has the same type of exacting SOP’s to ensure all product is assembled and/or fabricated to the high-quality standard originally dictated by our engineering department. Our quality and testing is not done at the very end like many companies but is built into each stage of the manufacturing process.

Do we test at the end? Yes, we do. It is not a sampling at this point but 100%. Each and every one of light fixtures is illuminated and placed on and automated burn rack to ensure its viability.

This is how and why we choose to provide and strictly uphold a 10-year limited warranty.



We want our customers to have a wonderful buying experience. We research the market and found the things that you, our customer, want that many other sites do not provide. We have provided a visually attractive web store for you to browse or search and the tools to do it. All applicable specifications are easily accessible. We provide easy downloads of various specification sheets and date. We have real time inventory so you know your product will ship. Our check out system is streamlined and easy to use. And yes, the most important, we provide the most aggressive prices on similar products that can be found on the internet.



Our customer care department is here to serve you. We want you to have a quality experience. Unlike many online stores, we do not hide our phone or contact information. Should you have any question or concern please feel free to pick up the phone and call us. We are here to serve.