11th July 2017 – Just because LED fixtures for garage spaces offer buyers tremendous long-term value and a chance to recover their costs and then some over time, doesn’t mean professionals in the trade can’t take advantage of upfront savings. Manufacturer sponsored direct-to-trade programs can help professionals in the industry save even more on their LED fixtures while providing them service that goes above and beyond the norm.


“Manufacturer offered trade programs are designed to meet the distinct needs of architects, general contractors, electricians, interior designers and others,” explains Lumight’s president. “This type of unique purchase program is designed to deliver special pricing for those in the trade while providing exceptional service in the process.”


Lumight’s program, for example, is membership based and requires those in the trade to simply sign up and provide their credentials. Once membership is granted, buyers receive manufacturer-direct pricing regardless of order size, streamlined online purchases for future orders and customized service meant to meet their specific needs.


“From trade courtesy price discounts to a dedicated salesperson for each account, buying programs aht cater to those in the trade enable qualified buyers to enjoy even greater value from the LED fixtures they need to meet their specific requirements,” says Lumight’s president. “This is simply a way for a manufacturer to show appreciation for those in the industry who recognize the distinct benefits LED fixtures provide in a diversity of applications.”


LED fixtures for garages are preferred by many in the industry because of the value they represent. Not only are well-made fixtures highly durable and aesthetically pleasing, they provide the reliability demanded in areas such as parking garages. Thanks to their unique design, these fixtures also save money on electricity and require virtually no maintenance for years. With lifespans that can range beyond 50,000 hours of continuous use, these fixtures simply outpace their alternatives.


“To the trade programs allow manufacturers like Lumight to make it more convenient for those in the industry to enjoy the benefits of LED lighting while stretching their design and installation budgets more,” says Lumight’s president.


To find out more about Lumight’s to the trade program, visit the company directly online.



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