Property management companies, architects, general contractors and others in the trade are generally keenly aware of the benefits parking lot light LED fixtures deliver. Considered the superior choice for their durability, reliability, lengthy lifespan and long-term savings potential, these lights deliver quality. Their initial price point, however, can be a fair amount more expensive than other options like incandescent fixtures. When making sure the bottom line stays in the black is a priority, there are ways to enjoy savings on even the highest quality LED parking lot light fixtures. Manufacturers that sell directly to those in the trade can save their customers a fair amount of money over standard retail pricing.


When factory direct pricing is available on parking lot light LED fixtures, those in the trade will find taking advantage of such programs can come with extra benefits. As long as a reputable manufacturer is selected to work with, there is no downside to joining trade programs. In addition to lower pricing for those in the trades, reputable light manufacturers also go above and beyond to make sure their programs deliver:

  • Simplified ordering – Once a trade member is signed up for a direct buy program, the overall process for buying is streamlined and simplified. Program members will find their tax-exempt status will be noted on the record for every purchase and easy online ordering with no minimum amount will be provided. Those features simply make obtaining the perfect lighting for any job more efficient.
  • Tailored services – Reputable LED lighting manufacturers take their relationships with trade partners very seriously. To make certain customer service is always topnotch, trade partners will be assigned their own dedicated salesperson. This lighting professional can help designers, architects, and others select the perfect fixtures to meet their specific needs. Whether it’s a simple question about a particular fixture’s light output or recommendations for an entire array in a garage are required, the sales professional will be available to assist trade partners directly.

Buying LED lighting fixtures factory direct can save trade partners time, money and hassles. When customized service is a must, such programs deliver the benefits buyers require without compromising the product quality demanded for every job.



Kristen Myers is an entrepreneur in the field of commercial LED lights and has vast knowledge about various types of commercial and industrial LED lighting solutions available in the market for various commercial applications. He recommends for commercial LED lighting solutions.