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For Immediate Release

May 1 st , 2017

CIAO, MA CHE SPAZIO!!!!! The name says it all! Spazio in Italian mean Space so set the evening aglowand create luminous drama in high-rise architectural aluminum with our Designer Indoor & Outdoor LED Lanterns Lumight is proud to introduce the Spazio LED Indoor & Outdoor Lanterns. Our lanterns are ideal forindoor or outdoor areas. Minimalist yet transitional in style, our LED Lanterns create a dramatic sleekambiance to indoor or outdoor areas particularly when placed in a pair. With 3 sizes available, there arecountless ways to create a dramatic arrangement and interplays of light, indoors and outdoors, designedby David Di Meco. David Di Meco began his career as a furniture accessory designer and manufacturer. His varied career is centered in Italy but spans USA, Germany, Poland and China where he develops his own signature items. His people & functional entertaining design approach aims to make the experience of objects and environments more meaningful, functional and beautiful. The functionality, ease and immediate global acceptance in his designs have become his calling card. Lumight Lighting Products are based on form, function & design with a passion on VALUE. Using only QUALITY, Lumight Lighting Products are not only BUILT TO LAST but complement a wide range ofresidential and commercial architectural styles. ENERGY EFFICIENT, Lumight Lighting Products are recommended by interior and exterior designers, architects worldwide.

  • Fully Wet Rated
  • Energy Efficient
  • Leed Certified
  • UL Certified

More about Spazio LED Indoor & Outdoor Lanterns, please contact the designer directly