11th July 2017 – Interior designers, contractors, architects and others seeking out the right fixtures for their parking areas will discover there’s a lot of buzz about different lighting options. When the hype is cut through and the facts are explored, parking lot LED light fixtures rise to the top when it comes to performance, quality and value.


“Parking lot LED light fixtures have a higher price point than some other illumination options, but the upfront cost is quickly recovered in several different ways,” explains Lumight’s president. “These lights last significantly longer than others while drawing much less power in the process. Over the estimated lifespan, a LED light fixture for a parking lot or garage can represent hundreds of dollars in savings.”


When compared with incandescent or halogen lighting that is commonly selected for garage areas, LED fixtures stand out as superior. The estimated continuous use lifespan for a halogen fixture or incandescent is about 1,250 hours. Parking lot LED light fixtures have a continuous use lifespan of about 50,000 hours. That means a single fixture purchase has an estimated functional period that tops 11 years, significantly longer than the 3 months of usefulness a standard incandescent bulb might offer.


The annual electric draw is also significantly reduced when LED lighting is put into place. Halogen and incandescent fixtures cost nearly $45 a year to operate. LED fixtures have an electric cost of less than $5 on average over the course of an entire year of 12-hour use daily.


“LED parking lot light fixtures simple outperform other options, including fluorescent, halogen and incandescent in lifespan and cost of electric use,” says Lumight’s president. “In doing so, they cost less over the course of their life to operate and they save on maintenance and replacement costs. The break-even point comes rather fast, as a result.”


Parking lot LED light fixtures are also favored for their durability and their design options. Depending on the quality involved in manufacturing, these lights may even boast lengthy warranties and be rated for extremes in weather conditions. From floodlights that can be mounted on poles to ceiling-flush designs meant for garage interiors, the buzz about LED is well-earned.



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