20th July 2017 Providing safe, secure places for employees, customers or residents to park is an important priority for many property managers. Making sure lighting is adequate and well-maintained, however, can demand a large investment. There are programs that can help property managers maintain quality while containing costs. LED light fixtures for garage and parking lots purchased directly from the manufacturer can add up to savings that lasts.


“Manufacturer direct programs that cater to those in the trades provide contractors, property management companies, architects and other members of the industry exceptional advantages,” says Lumight’s president. “These programs are designed to offer convenience for industry buyers while helping them realize greater long-term savings from the LED light fixtures for garage and parking lot areas they purchase.”


While programs may vary, the best tend to offer industry buyers access to per unit savings on the LED light fixtures for garages and parking lots they might need. In addition to price savings, manufacturers may also make it easy for tradespeople to place orders, obtain routine tax exemptions and gain the benefit of professional assistance from a dedicated salesperson assigned to help them select the perfect fixtures for their LED lighting arrays. These benefits combine with the cost-savings LED light fixtures, for garage spaces and other areas, already offer.


“LED light fixtures are often the preferred choice of those in the industry because of the long-term cost benefits they provide,” says Lumight’s president. “These lights cost more initially, but last thousands of hours longer than traditional lighting while drawing less operational power. When high-quality fixtures are selected, property managers and others stand to break even on the investment rather quickly due to lower electric costs and savings on the need to replace lights.”


LED light fixtures for garage and parking areas save property owners money over their course of their use. Industry programs that cater directly to those in the trades simply make this selection even wiser. By enhancing the buying experience and making the cost savings even more significant, trade programs add up to financial wins for property managers in need of adequate lighting to enhance parking area safety and security.



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