19th May 2017 – Budgeting for any business demands a careful balancing act, especially in the case of a startup. For companies that occupy brick-and-mortar spaces, a few costs must serve to protect the bottom line. They’re investments in customer/employee satisfaction, and safety and liability reduction. Parking lot lights LED fixtures are one such investment.


“Some expenses are necessary, but drain the overall costs on the bottom line,” explains the President of Lumight. “LED Parking lot lights however, are an exception. When safety in a parking area is critical for creating the right impression and lowering exposure to criminal activity, lighting is a key factor to consider. When the chosen lighting happens to involve LED fixtures, it’s an investment that will pay back in cost savings over time.”


LED parking lot lights are distinct fixtures that are very different from traditional incandescent lighting. Designed for efficient performance and longevity, these lights represent cost savings in the following ways:

  • Reduction in electrical costs – Parking lot light LED designs are made using technology that demands lesser energy to function. This means monthly electrical bills are likely to go down when this type of lighting is used instead of traditional parking lot fixtures.
  • Reduction in maintenance and replacement costs – LED parking lot light fixtures that are engineered by reputable manufacturers are designed with durability in mind. With some lights having an added advantage of a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours of continuous operation, the need for maintenance and replacement is reduced considerably. This can save on labor and parts cost that are typically associated with other types of lighting.
  • Protection from liabilities –Parking areas can represent as potential liabilities for property owners. When incidents occur and claims are made, the exposure is most certainly harmful, financially and reputably. LED parking lot lights enhance safety and security both. In doing so, they reduce exposure to liabilities like accidents, injury or crime. While they cannot protect against all possibilities, they serve as bright examples of the care a property owner can provide for adequate safety in a parking space.


“Parking lot lights that are LED by design serve a valuable purpose while actually serving as overall protection.” says Lumight President.



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