Parking lots are one of the top places criminals choose to commit crimes against people and property. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, parking lots and garages tend to rank fourth out of 11 different location types for crimes committed across the country annually. It comes in behind homes, roads and schools, but tops bars, hotels and other venues. Considering their vulnerability, it is recommended that property owners take appropriate measures intended to deter crime. Parking lot lights, LED designs especially, provide an excellent starting point.


Parking lot light LED designs are favored for outdoor space and garages for quite a few strong reasons. When it’s time to enhance safety, these lights achieve the goal while also offering property owners other tangible benefits. Here are a few reasons why illuminating a parking lot with LED lighting is a smart way to address crime concerns:


  • Their deterrent value –When parking lot lights LED installations illuminate an area, they tend to limit the likelihood of crimes of opportunity. Criminals tend to prefer areas where they are less likely to be seen and to get caught while making attempts to break into cars, mug passersby and so on. A properly designed LED lighting array can eliminate dark areas within a parking lot, which will make the space less attractive to criminals.


  • The reliability – Whether the aim of parking lot lights is to deter crime or to limit exposure to liability, performance matters. LED parking lot lights are designed with durability in mind and have the ability to function reliably for thousands of hours. The performance record of parking lot light LED installations make them ideal for use where reliability matters.


  • The cost savings potential – Parking lot lights can be a costly investment, but LED lights deliver few benefits on this front. These lights draw very little power, thus containing residual costs. What’s more, their longer lifespan means maintenance and replacement costs are kept in check, as well.


Creating a safe and welcoming place for residents, employees or visitors is a concern for any property owner. If it’s time to take a proactive stance against crime, parking lot lights make an excellent starting point. LED designs provide reliability, performance and long-term cost savings that make them ideal for addressing large, open spaces.



Kristen Myers is an entrepreneur in the field of commercial LED lights, and has vast knowledge about various types of commercial and industrial LED lighting solutions available in the market for various commercial applications. He recommends for commercial LED lighting solutions.