28th Apr 2017 - Providing proper illumination for outdoor garages can prove to be a bit of a trick. Durability, performance and cost-effectiveness are factors that demand consideration. So is the quality and reliability of the lighting provided if safety enhancements and liability reduction are your concerns. Many security professionals, designers and property managers recommend LED for outdoor garage fixtures for these very reasons and more.

“LED outdoor garage light fixtures are ideal for situations where exposure to the elements is likely,” explains the president of Lumight, a leading provider of indoor and outdoor light fixtures. “LED fixtures that are designed for outdoor use tend to be crafted with extreme durability in mind and an ability to withstand rather extreme temperatures without losing performance quality. The best fixtures in fact, are backed by warranties that span several years, providing the ability to deliver exactly the quality and performance property owners and managers need within these spaces.”

The benefits of LED outdoor garage light fixtures also make them a wise investment, as said by Lumight’s president. These benefits include:

  • Diversity of fixture styles –Manufacturers of outdoor garage light fixtures are very mindful of engineering lighting to suit rather distinct applications. The options include ceiling-flush designs for indoor/outdoor garage spaces; LED outdoor garage light fixtures affixed to poles that provide overhead lighting, flood lights and more. Property owners will find fixtures suitable for just about any parking configuration imaginable.
  • The cost benefits – LED outdoor garage light fixtures are preferred by many because of the cost savings they provide. While these incredibly long-lasting lights may require more of an upfront investment, they save on operational and maintenance costs. LED lights are favored in any and every residential, commercial and industrial setting because they draw lesser power than the other options.
  • The reliability – When lighting is added to a garage, it’s generally done to enhance safety and security while lowering the property owners’ liability exposure. That means durability and reliability are a must. LED outdoor lighting fixtures deliver just that. Some of the best designs in fact, can provide thousands of hours of continuous coverage without requiring maintenance.

“Enhancing an outdoor parking garage with lighting is simply a must for safety, security and liability reasons,” says Lumight’s president. “LED is the superior choice for performance and cost-effectiveness both.”



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