Making sure a garage is safe for users is a big concern for property owners. Aside from the obvious liability concerns associated with commercial spaces, enhancing safety for people is just the right thing to do. LED light fixtures meant for garage use can be helpful, but property owners may not be sure where to place them or how many they might require.


To determine where and what types of LED light fixtures to place in a garage, consider these things:

  • The amount of space involved – Having a handle on the square footage and configuration of the space can assist in the selection and eventual placement of LED light fixtures for garages. Indoor garages with very little incoming light from the outside, for example, may need a larger array of lights or more powerful ones.
  • The traffic areas – Providing adequate lighting in traffic flow areas for automobiles and pedestrians is crucial for safety. These areas tend to benefit from brighter – but not blinding – lighting. Overhead, ceiling-flush LED light fixtures tend to work very well in these areas. To calculate how many fixtures might be required, select a desired design and illumination quality and look at specifications to obtain a particular light fixture’s coverage area.
  • The dark recesses – Most garages have dark corners, stairwells or other features that can pose a bigger challenge to keep properly illuminated. Consider light pole fixtures and/or LED flood light designs for these areas. Enhanced lighting may be required in these areas to adequately address safety and security concerns.


Adequate lighting in a parking garage is critical for safeguarding people and property. LED light fixtures meant for outdoor and indoor use can address the concerns perfectly. To choose the right models for the space at hand, compare the floor plan with the output desired fixtures deliver. Strategic use of LED flood lights can be wise for addressing areas of concern while bolstering overall safety.