Switching to LED? You've made the right choice. It's a minor investment that ensures numerous savings.

The how and the why:

Whether you’re a building manager, contractor or even an affluent property owner, switching to LEDs is beneficial for your tenants, clients, the building and your wallet. With the correct lighting products, your choice can be worth your while.

The higher the quality, the lesser the maintenance.

  •  With 70% light output, using 75% less energy, LEDs come with a lifeline that last 25 times longer than incandescent lights.
  •  Unlike its’ counterparts, LEDs refute the need of re-lamping after every 3-4 years, saving your time, effort and money.
  •  With LEDs, the high operating costs are reduced to a considerable number, keeping your wallet safe and heavy.
These are the prime reasons why LEDs are chosen, as they conserve energy, your savings while also providing the required output.

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Extra points for:

  •  Dullness Deleted: LED’s light does not wash colours out or give a dull look unlike other sources such as fluorescent bulbs.
  •  No Hazardous Substances: LEDs contain no mercury or other hazardous substances that potentially harm the environment, thus making it safe and an effective option.
  •  10 years warranty: Providing high quality products with a 10 year industry limited warranty.
  •  True Price Guarantee: 10% true price guarantee for high quality LED products order with Lumight.

Lumight provides you the finest quality with a range of options and a price to match your savings.

  •  Lumight is among the best industrial and commercial lighting solutions available today.
  •  Superior quality of engineered products with specification-grade
  •  A made-to- order option that fulfils specific design requests for lighting and produces custom products.
  •  Lumight helps throughout the process, from research, strategizing, building the components, providing fixtures/ poles to the installation, with a beneficial option of US assembly.

Lumight LED products are functional and energy efficient which has its own perks, design, style and technology chosen by you with guaranteed savings, isn’t that reason enough to choose Lumight?


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