Personnel charged with keeping large indoor garages clean, safe and properly maintained often find much of their time is spent inspecting and replacing lighting. This is especially so if traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs are used to illuminate the space. Although effective in providing lighting, these fixture types have a tremendously short lifespan, which can require constant attention. The same cannot be said for LED light fixtures for garage spaces.


When property owners, designers or architects make the decision to invest in LED light fixtures, they’ll benefit from the cost savings provided. LED lights for garage areas can last more than 11 years without requiring a single replacement. They also draw much less power, which adds up to significant savings over their lifespans. For maintenance personnel, however, their benefits go beyond the dollars and cents. Here’s why:

  • Their reliability takes pressure off – While maintenance staff will, of course, still need to spot check lighting to ensure proper functionality, LED light fixtures for garage spaces simply perform much more reliably than their incandescent counterparts. Since these lights last for 50,000 hours of use, peace of mind comes along with their selection.
  • They don’t require constant changing – Incandescent 75 watt bulbs have an estimated lifespan of about 3 months and 13 days when they’re used 12 hours a day. In a large garage area, that represents a need for near-constant changing of different fixtures. When LED fixtures are used instead, maintenance personnel can worry less about lighting arrays and focus on other areas that also demand attention.


LED light fixtures for garage spaces provide peace of mind while taking the busy work of constant replacement of maintenance personnel members’ shoulders. By also representing long-term savings, this investment just makes good business sense for commercial, residential and industrial properties where common parking areas are offered.