The energy saving consciousness is slowly taking over the world, illuminating one idea after another. Every day is a dawn of a new technology that’s even more efficient than the last. But, while we think of saving energy, we also feel the need for an impactful, high-quality product that caters to each of the aforementioned options. Thus, luminaire efficiency has become the judge for purchasing the best in the market out there.

What’s Luminaire Efficiency?

The Luminaire efficiency is the ratio of light produced by the lamps that are in turn emitted by the luminaire. In other words, luminaire efficiency is the percentage of the light emitted by the luminaire (electric light unit) to the light emitted by its lamps. The luminaire efficiency of a LED is often measured in terms of lumens per watt.

Benefits of high LE fixtures:

There’s a need for caution when integrating LEDs into lighting fixtures as a poorly designed fixture, even with the best LED reduces its efficiency to a fraction of what it could be if the fixtures were adept and capable. Therefore, the design of your fixture is essential as it can affect the efficiency and productivity. LED luminaire is often described by the number of operating hours until 70 percent of its initial light output is emitted. High-quality white LED lighting fixtures are expected to have an expectancy of 30,000 to 50,000 hours or even longer, surpassing its counterparts. High luminaire efficient fixtures offer the potential for cutting down the energy use nearly in half, saving your money and carbon emissions in the process. Their distinctive characteristics can make them the desired product for multi-purpose lighting applications.—

  •  Compact size
  •  Useful for long durations with a high life expectancy
  •  Lower cost and ease of maintenance
  •  Damage resistant
  •  Adept performance in harsh weather conditions
  •  Lack of infrared, ultraviolet and carbon emissions

Apart from the above benefits and saving electricity, high luminaire efficiency LED fixtures also provide features like dimmers and color control for your ease and preference. All these features improve the performance inexplicably and raise the value of lighting in new and innovative ways.

Do high luminaire efficiency fixtures cost a fortune?

LED luminaires help maximize the return on your lighting investment. High-quality LED fixtures may have a significant cost compared to standard lighting technologies. However, with the advancement in technology and a higher need of energy efficient lighting products, costs are declining rapidly. The higher the quality, the better the luminaire efficiency; thus, Lumight is your best option for optimum savings and quality purchase.





Whether you need commercial LED lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor applications, Lumight leads the way with their cutting-edge technology that’s suitable for all your needs. At the forefront of energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures with its innovative and high LED luminaire efficiency; smart, sustainable, economical, long lasting, and environment-friendly is how Lumight products are defined. To brighten up any corner of the world, choose Lumight.