How to Buy LED Lighting

Armed with the information you've learned in Part I and Part II from this guide to LED Lighting, you're now ready to select and then buy LED lighting. Download the specifications of what you're looking for. It is highly suggested that you review Craig DiLouie’s Guide to understanding a LED Luminaire Spec Sheet. This comprehensive guide will let you know what you should be looking for when selecting (or crossing) a LED lighting fixture.


US department of Energy

Chart from US Department of Energy


The most important specification (spec) in LED Lighting is lumen output, the amount of light generated — ensure it meets your requirements and the requirements listed in the lighting schedule. Next comes LPW, always aim for the highest number matching the CCT you are looking for. After all, this, compare CRI — the higher the number the better. When you find something suitable you have a number of options in purchasing a suitable LED fixture.

  • Accept the lighting agents package

More often than not a lighting rep will try and package all the lighting product on the job. Why? So they can hide the individual prices and so they can add overage and they are the ones who will make the most money on the lighting products. This option is certainly the easiest, but you may never know the “real” price you are paying for individual products. Often the lighting rep will be taking money out of your pocket. You’re the one doing the work… don’t you think you should be able to make the most money?

  • Source from an Electrical Distributor

You can also look to one of your local distributors to find an approved alternate… or a less expensive product that you could get approved. This is not a bad option, however, electrical distributors are a brick and mortar establishment with high overhead. They will try and add as much profit to lighting products as they can. On top of this most distributors must get pricing from a local agent. This agent will add his commission and as much overage as they can. This equals you paying more for the product than you really have to.

  • Find a suitable product on the Internet

When you feel comfortable with LED Lighting technology, the terms and what to look for in a specification sheet, buying on-line is probably the best option to save money and make you jobs more profitable. Search the internet for sites like Lumight offering economical LED lighting; very often you'll find products meeting or exceeding the specifications of more expensive options. Also, watch for sites that have on-line and by the phone support. Choose one that provides educational resources and not just a “store”. Lumight has support staff ready to assist you with technical and purchasing questions. 


This guide to LED lighting provides introductory knowledge on the basics of LED lighting and will have outlined the first steps needed to buy LED. The discerning electrical contractor, however, will have further interest in the benefits of LED and this site holds much more detailed information on a variety of lighting subjects. We AT Lumight are committed not only to providing the product you need but bringing you the knowledge you need to profit from it. To be a successful contractor requires you update your lighting knowledge regularly. Lumight adds educational resources on a regular basis. So Select a topic here that interests you and watch your lighting education grow.



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