Creating a safe parking area for employees, customers or tenants doesn’t stop with the lighting put inside a parking garage. Making sure strategically placed garage outdoor light fixtures are installed may also prove critical.

Garage outdoor light fixtures should be included in any lighting plans for a number of reasons. Here’s why considering outside lighting can be just as important as the fixtures placed inside:

  • Preventing accidents – Garage outdoor light fixtures should be placed to properly illuminate all entry and egress points to a parking area. This includes entry and exit points for pedestrians. By making sure these areas are well-lit, property owners may help prevent accidents that could leave people, vehicles and their buildings damaged. To further protect people and property, it’s a good idea to include garage outdoor light fixtures along walkways leading to and from the garage, as well.
  • Deterring crime –The better lit a garage is – inside and out – the less attractive it is likely to be for criminals. Keep in mind that parking garages are very attractive targets for burglars if they believe they can sneak in and out without being detected. Lighting inside and outside of a garage helps prevent this.

When choosing garage outdoor light fixtures be particular about the type and quality selected. LED light fixtures that are intended for rugged outdoor use tend to be the best. This type of lighting can withstand temperature extremes while offering reliable illumination for thousands of hours. Making it even more of a sound choice, LED garage outdoor light fixtures tend to cost a whole lot less to operate than other options.

Making sure a garage is safe for people and property takes more than indoor lighting. To deter crime and accidents, it is very important to also select garage outdoor light fixtures with care.