06th June 2017 –Upgrading to garage LED fixtures may cost property owners a bit on the front end, but it’s a decision that’s likely to pay off on several fronts over the long run. This type of lighting can offer the reliability, performance and long-term cost savings any smart property owner is looking for. What’s more, there’s a good chance this type of lighting will be the most maintenance-free addition that can be added to a garage space.


Garage LED fixtures make a tremendous investment for commercial, residential and industrial property owners who are interested in putting public safety as priority number one while also keeping their budgets in line,” says Lumight’s president. “When high-quality garage LED fixtures are selected, the decision is one that can deliver immediate and long-term benefits.”


While property owners are likely to find a long list of their own reasons why garage LED fixtures make a superior choice over other options, here are just four that many cite:

  • The illumination quality provided – Garage LED fixtures are designed to bathe areas in light without overpowering the eyes. That means these lights are perfect for making sure motorists aren’t blinding while ensuring they have ample light to see by.
  • The reliability that can be counted on – Garage lighting is put into place generally to safeguard people and property. This type of lighting is critical for helping prevent accidents and is also considered critical for limiting the risks associated with crime. LED lighting is known for its extreme reliability over the course of thousands and thousands of operational hours.
  • The relative lack of maintenance – When garage LED fixtures are selected with care, these lights can stand up to even the harshest of outdoor conditions. This fact coupled with the anticipated lighting lifespan combines to make these fixtures relatively maintenance-free.
  • The cost savings they offer – LED fixtures may cost a bit more on the front end, but they do represent long-term savings. LED lighting draws less power, which adds up to lower electric bills.


“Making the decision to upgrade to garage LED fixtures is just plain smart for any property owner,” says Lumight’s president. “These fixtures offer the performance, reliability and cost savings property owners demand from investments.”



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