16th May 2017 – Whether a property owner is in the midst of design work on a brand new parking garage or it’s time to upgrade an older facility, selecting the right light fixtures should be as important as the building itself. When the right light fixtures for garage spaces are selected, property owners will find many advantages.


“Property owners know that there is a lot more to selecting the right light fixtures for garage spaces than they realize,” says Lumight president. “The square footage of the building, the ambient lighting available, high-traffic area concerns and other factors must all come into play. The result is quite likely to be a combination of different fixtures that work together to fully bathe the interior of a garage in enough lighting to promote user comfort while addressing safety and security concerns.”


When selecting fixtures, it can be beneficial to take the following points into consideration:

  • Ceiling clearance – Making sure automobiles that have standard profiles and can freely move through a garage without damage is critical. That is why many property owners select arrays that include ceiling flush fixtures for the traffic pattern areas of a garage.
  • Illumination quality – Parking garages should have light fixtures that are powerful enough to provide visibility without necessarily overpowering the eyes. LED garage light fixtures can serve well to meet this need.
  • Pedestrian traffic areas – It is typically recommended that areas where pedestrians are likely to travel receive extra illumination to help prevent trips, slips and falls. Flood lights or well-placed ceiling flush designs can work well to meet this requirement.
  • Security concerns – Making sure that the darker corners of a garage and areas such as elevator entries and stairwells are well lit is critical for security. Garage flood lights can be helpful in these spaces.


“Regardless of configuration and illumination requirements, LED light fixtures for garage spaces make an excellent investment,” says Lumight president. “These fixtures are built to last and perform while offering long-term cost savings.”



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