Garage light fixtures are an important addition to any enclosed or partially enclosed parking area. These lights are designed to promote safety for both the motoring and walking public. In doing so, they provide a sense of comfort for employees, residents or customers. They can also provide peace of mind for property owners. Selecting just any fixtures and putting them into place may end up being a bad decision.


If it’s time to add garage light fixtures to a parking area, be sure to consider these points before making the purchase:

  • The style of lights – Partially enclosed and fully enclosed garages may have some issues with ceiling clearance. With that in mind, garage light fixtures that affix flush to the ceiling are an excellent choice for traffic areas. Flood lights or other similar designs, however, can be important additions near stair wells and other pedestrian traffic areas.
  • The type of illumination provided –LED garage lights fixtures tend to make the soundest investment. This type of lighting is powerful, but not harsh. It’s also favored for its low operational cost, environmental friendliness, and reliability. Some LED fixtures, for example, have an anticipated lifespan of 100,000 hours of continuous operation.


Garage light fixtures are meant to enhance safety and security in these potentially dangerous spaces. Before selecting fixtures, take the time to review site-specific needs, the type of lighting best suited for the area, the quality of fixture construction and the illumination quality offered. The best fixtures are those that are meant to last while providing long-term cost savings in the process. LED light fixtures tend to deliver on all fronts.