Upgrading a large parking garage area with proper lighting is simply a must for creating safe, welcoming and low-liability spaces. However, property owners and managers may find the options available in light fixtures for garage spaces a bit overwhelming. Thus, here are some points to consider that can help lead to the selection of the best lights for the space that offers cost benefits without compromising on quality or safety in the process.


If it’s time to replace existing garage light fixture designs with new ones or fit a brand new parking area for the first time, be sure to consider these points when making a selection:

  • Clearance requirements – Selecting light fixtures for garage space requires very careful attention to clearance and other factors. It is generally recommended that ceiling flush or low-profile lights be installed in traffic pattern areas. Lights that are affixed closely to the ceiling allow for greater clearance and are less likely to be damaged by large vehicles that may enter a garage. When selecting ceiling flush lights, however, be very mindful of the illumination provided. If lower light is desired, consider closer spacing of the lights to provide better coverage for motorists and pedestrians.
  • High-risk areas – While low-profile lights are ideal for areas where traffic flows, pedestrians sometimes require greater consideration. If a garage space includes elevators, stairs or has darker recesses, consider garage flood lights to provide proper illumination in specific areas. Doing so can help deter crime, prevent trip-and-fall accidents and is likely to create a space people feel more comfortable in.
  • Associated costs –While the costs of purchasing light fixtures for garage areas will vary based on the square footage involved, the type of lighting selected and the desired configuration; there are ways to keep the long-term expense down. Many property managers choose LED light fixtures for garage spaces for savings and quality. While these lights may cost more on the front end, the best designs are built to last. They also draw less power to operate and tend to be maintenance free for longer periods of time. This type of lighting is considered superior for large parking complexes because of the reliability and long lifespan delivered. The overall costs of ongoing operation and maintenance are miniscule compared to other lighting options as well.

Making sure a garage space is well lit is simply a must for safety. LED light fixtures for garage complexes get the job done for less over the long run.