Making sure garages are properly lit inside and out is just one of the many concerns commercial, residential and industrial property owners face. It is an important obligation, however, that can have serious implications if it isn’t addressed with care. There are some pretty compelling reasons why property owners should carefully review their needs and options before selecting garage outdoor light fixtures.


Garage outdoor light fixtures are generally mounted on poles above access roads that lead into covered garage areas. Floodlights and building-affixed fixtures may also be smart to consider installing on the entry and egress points for a garage. Taking care when selecting these features is advised for these reasons and more:

  • Properly selected fixtures will provide ample lighting for safety and security – When the plan is to use garage outdoor light fixtures to prevent accidents, injuries and security concerns, proper illumination quality is very important to consider. Some of the best models to consider are LED outdoor light fixtures that are meant specifically for commercial and industrial spaces. Well-made LED fixtures meant for outdoor spaces will be designed to provide ample illumination to address most safety and security concerns.
  • Carefully selected fixtures deliver reliability – Cutting corners in the selection process may result in fixtures that simply aren’t up to the task. Ideally, property owners will want to be able to install garage outdoor light fixtures and then be able to forget out them a while. LED fixtures, for example, that are made with strict quality requirements in mind, are able to function for thousands and thousands of hours without a need for replacement. The best fixtures will also be made to withstand extremes in temperature.
  • Well-chosen fixtures don’t drain the budget – When LED garage outdoor light fixtures are selected, property owners are likely to notice long-term savings. While designs that are meant to be rugged and to deliver long-lasting performance may cost more on the front end, they cost less to operate. Thanks to their low draw on the energy and very infrequent need for maintenance or replacement, these lights can end up saving money as time passes.


Installing garage outdoor light fixtures is a must for making these spaces safe and secure. Doing so is not only an excellent way to limit liability, it’s also the right thing to do to protect people and property. Choosing fixture with care, however, can save property owners headaches and money.



Kristen Myers is an entrepreneur in the field of commercial LED lights and has vast knowledge about various types of commercial and industrial LED lighting solutions available in the market for various commercial applications. He recommends for commercial LED lighting solutions.