5th May 2017 – Property owners seeking options to meet outdoor lighting regulations meant to enhance the safety and security of parking lots will find many options. Where performance and lasting value both matter, LED lights for parking lot spaces stand out as the superior choice.


“LED lights for parking lot spaces offer the illumination quality required to meet any building codes for safety and security that might be in place in a local jurisdiction,” says Lumight president. “They are also ideal for addressing any liability concerns associated with property insurance. These lights however, deliver advantages that go beyond merely checking off boxes to ensure codes and requirements are met.”


Property owners who choose to address outdoor illumination concerns with LED lights for parking lot spaces are likely to discover these benefits go along with their installations:

  • Necessary diversity in style – LED lights for parking lots, garages and other spaces are available in a wide selection of styles, illumination qualities and so on. That means creating an appropriate array to bathe the lot in light overnight can be much simpler. Many property owners, for example, rely heavily on neatly spaced LED lights that can be affixed to poles, but even the best configuration may leave dark spaces behind. LED light designs enable augmentation with flood lights and other options to ensure no dark areas remain.
  • Reliability that can be trusted – LED lights for parking lot spaces deliver a level of reliability. These fixtures are built with durability in mind. Many designs, in fact, are rated to handle extremes in temperature. This reliability is critical for ensuring performance night after night while making certain parking spaces are as safe and secure as possible.
  • Cost savings that matter – LED lights for parking lot spaces may cost a bit more on the initial investment front. These lights however, draw low power and require little to no maintenance. That means LED lights deliver lasting cost savings following the initial investment. Since LED lights tend to operate for thousands of hours, they also don’t have to be replaced as often as other designs.


“Where safety, performance and value all matter, LED lights for parking lot space delivers,” says Lumight president.



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